The British Society



The British Society runs on a core group of dedicated volunteers. We are looking for members who are able to give their time and talent in aid of our very good cause. We have roles for everyone and can match your schedule, expertise, and interests with one of our many projects. Currently, we especially need help arranging social events and establishing relief liaisons and community partnerships to reach more people. We commit to making your experience helping The British Society as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. All our Committee Chairs are also volunteers, so they understand exactly what is involved. Please e-mail for more information.


Outreach Managers - CT, MA, NH

As the Society’s state representative you will help raise the Society's overall profile as well as welcoming new members. You will regularly connect to that state’s agencies regarding our relief work. For example, meeting social service groups such as the Salvation Army to explain “what” we do, “how” and “who” we can help. You will also research and actively review your state’s British expat communities, stores, and events, plus monitor local on-line activity, and pass on relevant content for timely use in the Society's marketing efforts and membership communications. Outreach Coordinators will work independently in their state but will report to and share information with several Society committees by phone and email as appropriate.


Event Managers

Plan and run British-related social gathering and/or fundraising events for the Society in any of the six New England states. Event management consists of all aspects of planning and hosting; including finding speakers or arranging activities, booking dates and securing locations, promoting and advertising your events locally, writing descriptive copy and obtaining approval to use images for the marketing of your events in the Society’s e-invitations and on our website and Facebook page. You’ll either conceive the entire event or follow a theme chosen by the Executive Committee, who will help set the ticket price, and you will liaise with the Treasurer regarding ticket sales and acknowledgements and/or tax receipts as appropriate.


Twitter Tweeter

We are feeling like right twits because we don't tweet! The British Society is actively seeking a volunteer to set up a Twitter account for us and feed interesting British-themed content into 140 character messages with photos, videos, hashtags, and more. You can use our Facebook page, website, and newsletters as a starting point for stories. Can you be our character counting count or countess?


Manager of Content Marketing

Do you have the expertise and energy to develop and execute a content marketing strategy to take the Society from its early forays into newsletters and social media into the exciting world of tweets and blogs and personalized messaging? Working with the Membership and Communication Committee, you will plan, source, and prepare relevant and interesting stories—for example, interviews about uniquely Brits-in-the-US expat experiences—to enhance and expand our engagement with both our members and potential new supporters.


Executive Committee

If you are interested in participating in the management of the Society and leading a team of volunteers to work together for the benefit of our members, please contact our President, Charles Platt, at to discuss how your experience and talents might fit with the responsibilities of taking our 200-year-old organization to the next level.