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Case Histories & Letters of Appreciation


(names changed for privacy)



Ms. W, a 37 year-old British woman, with two teenage daughters, divorced her American husband while living and working in Massachusetts and was advised by her lawyer that she would be able to remain in the US, so she applied for a revised visa. This triggered a revocation of her current visa, while her application was pending, and she was therefore unable to continue working—a circumstance she was not prepared for. To add to her difficulties, she remarried but her new husband unexpectedly lost his job and could only find occasional work. The British Society became involved and paid some of their overdue utility bills and their rent. We also helped secure the revised visa for Ms. W, which enabled her to work again. Since our assistance, her husband has secured a full-time job and the family’s has a happy future ahead.


Mr. and Mrs. J, are a British family with three children. They were living in Norwood, MA, and Mr. J, a roofer, had been out of work for two years but he went to a job center every day and occasionally got day work, although not enough to pay family bills. Mrs. J had applied for over 100 casual jobs without success. The Society was able to help by paying their rent and several bills, but realized that unless one of the parents could land a full-time job there was little hope of avoiding this family going into a housing shelter. This would mean being separated, with the husband and young son in one shelter and the mother and two girls in another facility. As they faced this crisis, Mr. J was offered a job on a farm in Wisconsin but they had no way of finding the moving costs of about $2,500. The Society decided to take the unusual step of asking our members for help to provide this family with a fresh new start. Within three days, our generous members had funded the entire move. The family now has a home together, the children are settled in school, and Mrs. J has even found a part-time job. What a difference YOU have made to this family! Thank you to everyone who stepped up to support them in their time of need.


Mr. McD came to the US in 1991 with his wife and 2 children to take a job in Rhode Island on a work visa. He worked for the same company for 17 years and became a permanent resident of the US. His wife, who hadn’t enjoyed the time here, took the opportunity of a death in the family in Scotland to return home and never came back. They eventually divorced. The son remained in Scotland with his mother, but the daughter who had full time employment, stayed in Rhode Island with her father. Mr. McD became sick with multiple serious medical conditions and was then pronounced terminally ill. His daughter provided home nursing, took him for hospital appointments and treatment sessions, as well as managing their home and continuing to work. As a result, the daughter’s own health suffered and she had to give up her job. Her symptoms worsened to the point where she could barely write, walk, or drive. The State of R.I. issued Temporary Disability Insurance to cover both of them, however the many medical expenses had used up all their savings and they were drastically behind with basic bills. The British Society immediately paid their rent arrears. When we learned that Mr. McD’s dying wish was to return to Scotland, we made the decision to help him and his daughter fly home. We partnered with The Scottish Charitable Society to fund their flight costs. Mr. McD died less than 48 hours after arriving back in Scotland. His daughter has returned to the US and is doing well.


Ms. L. is a single mother living in New England with two daughters, one of whom is a special needs child. The pipes in the apartment above hers burst and water flooded her living quarters. She didn’t have a tenant insurance policy, and most of her family’s possessions were either ruined or severely damaged. The British Society’s Relief Committee voted to send a Walmart gift certificate in the amount of $1,000 to help her replace essential items.


Mr. H. is a 32-year-old man, originally from Hertfordshire, who was laid off from his job in the US. He is married with two young children, one a newborn. He found temporary work, and was receiving some state aid, but his family were encountering severe financial problems when he contacted us. Our Relief Committee voted to help with rental arrears and utility bills.


Mr. P. is a 36-year-old Wolverhampton man who is solely responsible for his 3-year-old daughter. To support her, he works two jobs in northern Vermont but unexpectedly became unable to get to either of his places of employment because of significant car repairs costing far beyond his means. One of our volunteers obtained an estimate from Midas in St. Albans, VT, and our Relief Committee voted to pay to get his vehicle back on the road, so that he could resume working.




“Please accept my humble donation. I received your support to resettle back to England. When I requested your help I was desperate to save my son. He had been over-diagnosed and over- medicated in the USA. We have now been living in England for four years. He is on no medication and is thriving in a local school with an amazing support system. He has gained the confidence to walk to and from school by himself, has made friends, participates and has won an award in debate club. These are things that I never imagined could ever be possible while we were living in America, where the answer for everything is medication. I have always told myself that as soon as I am able, I would send a donation of appreciation to the British Society. Words cannot express my gratitude for your help when I was at my lowest point. I will always be eternally grateful for your help, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to give my son a second chance and new path of hope and opportunity in life. PB"


“Me and the girls have received our work permits, and both me and S. are now working. It's manufacturing, and it’s just through an agency as temps, but we both doing very well. It's not anything permanent but it’s a start. The next news is just last week we went to Boston for our interviews for our permanent residence and I'm very happy to inform you that all three of us are approved. The attorney you put us in touch with is truly the best. She stayed by our side every bit of the way. And with the help of all the people involved, including yourself and The British Society, my family has made it through when I never thought we would. The only thing left now is to work, work, work so hopefully sometime this year we will freely be able to go home and finally see my family. That is my biggest dream and goal right now, as it has been so long. Please if you could pass this news onto the Society and if you could let them know how truly thankful and grateful we are and what a difference you all have made. And a very personal thank you to you. I'll be in touch. Thank you! VW”


“I just want to say, on behalf of our family, that we greatly appreciate the kindness you have shown us and the efforts you have put forth. If there is anything we can do for another family we would be happy to help. God bless and if there's anything further you require please let us know. Thank you with all our hearts. You have helped relieve our stress. The C. Family”


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