The British Society

History & Mission


Founded in 1816, the Society's original purpose was stated in the minutes of the first meeting held on September 9th, as:

‘convened for the purpose of forming a society for the relief of unfortunate British persons who by the dispensations of Providence may be reduced to poverty, or as emigrants, destitute of information, require the aid of such an institution.’

200 years later we continue to aid people of British descent who find themselves in need of critical financial assistance. Click here to see a case history, or click in the menu above.

It has often been noted that poverty’s reach extends to all sections of the community. Most people who apply to the Society for help have enjoyed a normal lifestyle, which becomes interrupted by illness or accident or some other disruption to family income. Within a very short space of time they find themselves in debt and then in crisis. Help may not be available from the State or applications may not be processed in time and often the family faces the prospect of eviction or shut off of utilities.

We raise the funds to fulfill our mission by presenting a range of high quality and highly entertaining events with a distinctly 'British' flavor, which appeal both to our increasingly diverse membership and to our corporate sponsors and partners.

The Society always welcomes donations to support our work. If you would like to make a contribution, or become a member, please go to the Support Us or Membership pages.

If you're seeking help, please go to the Request Assistance page and follow the links.